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Your language.

Play and Learn

Number Delver logo

Number Delver is fast-paced arcade game that tests  mathematical reasoning skills. Available soon for iOS and Android.

eduActiv8 Mobile is a collection of apps for early learners that promote literacy and numeracy. Available now for iOS.

The mission

Hackranch aims to help level the digital playing field for endangered languages. By creating original digital and interactive products, facilitating the localization of educational and entertainment content, and helping language communities build digital capacity, we hope to see all the world’s languages successfully transmitted to the next generation.

What Hackranch does


Ideates and prototypes new approaches to engaging audiences with digital content.


Assembles great teams to produce new interactive media.



Distributes on digital platforms to reach audiences where they are in 2020.


Provides argeted workshops designed to increase community capacity to engage with technology.


Presents inspiring perspectives on digital media and language at your conference or event.


Always open to new conversations and opportunities. Please get in contact!